Unknown facts about British pop band – The Beatles

Towards the end of the last century, the British band Stackridge has recorded a song called ‘Something About The Beatles.’ ‘Turning on, tuning in, everyone believing in love. Making the world go round.’

Just as innumerable many music lovers of the world, Stackridge believed that John, Paul, George and Ringo together as The Beatles for at least a particular time brought the world to turn – and not just the world of music. The Beatles have something special, indescribable that has touched music lovers of many generations. From the Royal Family to those who dreamed of touching them once, breathing in the same air, or – if these dreams could not come true – simply buy all the albums to hear this up and down – and this to this day

1. In the week of April 4, 1964, the Beatles had not only all the top 5 seats of the Billboard Hot 100 but also seven other placements down the charts. A week later, there were three placings in the top 5 and eleven more in the in the Hot 100.

2. On August 20, 1969, the Beatles recorded new song I Want You (She’s So Heavy) . It was the last time that they recorded song together.

3. ‘Strawberry Fields’ refers to a house of the Salvation Army in Woolton, Liverpool, where John lived for some time.

4. On the ‘Help!’ The album cover, the letters are shown by the Beatles are not H E L P but N U J V.

5. As Silver Beetles, they toured for seven gigs through Scotland as a backing band for singer Johnny Gentle.

6. The Beatles had eight No. 1 hits in Zimbabwe and Switzerland, but only two in Ethiopia.

7. A ‘Hard Day’s Night‘ is the first complete album written by the Beatles – all thirteen tracks were recorded by Lennon & McCartney.

8. After “Love Me Do,” “PSI Love You,” “Please, Please Me” and “Ask Me Why” the band needed to play the remaining ten tracks on the album ‘Please Please Me ‘Only ten hours.